How to choose a stair?


The main advantage of the Constep stairs is that they can be variable in every way, colours, materials, design and so on. It is possible to create your own, personal and individual item. Our goal is to provide stairs which can suit you perfectly.


At Constep a group of professional archietcts and interior designers are ready to help you with your plans and ideas. You are not alone with practical or the questions of style. Visit us at our office and let’s think together!


Visit us at our showroom at Szentendre. You can try out the stairs and see how comfortable they are. From the ground to the first floor on the metal structured Meteor. From the first floor to the second on the fine and elegant Nautilus. We use and love them every day.


  • Place survey
  • Select
  • Manufactoring
  • Installation

For to manufacture the perfect stairs we have to know the exact details and measurments of the place we are working with. We do the place survey to coordinate everything together. That is how your Constep stairs will be exactly as you imagined.

At our website you can find many different solutions for many different models of stairs. We belive that everybody will find the perfect match here. Under “contact us” you can easily send us the details of the one you selected and we will get back to you, with the approximate price in few days.

After the place survey and consultation, if every detail is decided, manufacturing the stairs can begin. Constep works only with the best quality stainless steel, glass and wood. Manufacturing takes approximately 6-8 weeks which depends on the model of the chosen stair.

Our stairs arrive to your place ready to be installed, in boxes. With our professional team the installation only takes one or two days and you don’t have to worry about any mess.